Roadway Cleanup

Guidelines for Litter Removal from Licking Township Roadways

All litter cleanup volunteers must read and follow these basic safety tips.

REMEMBER: Always be alert and safety conscious when working around a roadway. The ultimate success of this program depends on the safety of its participants.

Waiver of Liability

Except for the negligent acts of Licking Township, its agents and employees, the volunteers or their agents shall assume all liability for, and save the Township, its agents and employees, harmless from, any and all claims for damages, actions or causes of action arising out of the work to be done herein. Any and all volunteers of the group, or other persons, while engaged in the performance of any work of service performed under this agreement shall not be considered employees of the Township, and any and all claims that may or might arise under the Worker's Compensation Act of Ohio on behalf of said employees or other persons while so engaged, and any and all claims made by any third party of the group's volunteers or other persons while so engaged on any of the work or services to be rendered shall in no way be the obligation or responsibility of the Township.

I have read and agree to follow the guidelines for removal of litter from roadways.

Roadway Cleanup Section Map